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     Le Centre SportXpo de Laval is your ultimate state of the art and modern Sports and Exposition Center. This 70,000 square foot building is home to many recreational and competitive sports events year round since 1993. It is ideally located and easily accessible from anywhere in the city and close to all major highways as Autoroutes 15, 13, 440, and 640.



The primary activities held are Indoor/Outdoor soccer, and Ball Hockey.


The center is equipped and ideal for rental of space for  many other activities such as ultimate Frisbee, flag/arena football, lacrosse, inline hockey and skating, etc. If you’re just looking to gather up some friends for a friendly game soccer or ball hockey after work, then relax and unwind at our bar afterwards in front of our giant screen t.v. maybe enjoy a snack before going home, then the Centre SportXpo de Laval is the ideal place for you.

We offer state of the art playing surfaces plenty of locker rooms with showers, free parking, and affordable field rentals for soccer and ball hockey.


Ball Hockey 

PTM is the city’s leader in ball hockey leagues and holds most of its activities at the Centre SportXpo de Laval. PTM is affiliated with the Provincial Ball Hockey association as well as the Canadian Ball Hockey Association. PTM is the primary host for the regional and provincial ball hockey games in Quebec. PTM has many divisions of competition to meet your level starting from A down to D level, as well as Women’s division.





QCSL is the main organizer of the SportXpo’s soccer activities. QCSL hosts different soccer divisions to meet your caliber level and choice of recreation or competition. Levels of leagues vary from divisions A, B, C and D and run from Mondays through Fridays. Old Timers or veterans leagues are played on Saturdays and have age divisions of over 35, over 42, over 50 and over 55. Women’s recreational senior leagues are played on Monday nights. Boys and girls “youth” leagues are played on weekends. www.soccerhotnews.com


QCSL World Cup. QCSL is the founder of the most popular and most recognized indoor league ever created in Quebec. The QCSL World Cup league (played on Saturdays and Sundays) attracts the most talented players in the province and beyond, and is the reason it attracts thousands of spectators every week which helps create an unsurpassed atmosphere as teams compete to represent their countries.www.qcslworldcup.com


Events and Shows  

Events/Shows Le Centre SportXpo de Laval is the ideal location for your show or event. Th e Center is host to a number of shows and events throughout the coarse of the year such as the Annual Bike and Tattoo show, wrestling and boxing events,  Home and Renovation shows, Dog shows, Fashion Shows, and many others. The Center also offers a vast amount of free parking. Click on the show section of this page to see dimensions of space available. For information on rental of the facility and price quotes for your event please call 450-622-2334.


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